12 Awesome Christmas Card Displays

christmas card displays

The holidays have brought out our inner Martha Stewart. If you need ideas for Christmas card displays, look no further. We’ve collected the coolest ones below.

1. Around the fireplace

We used twine, clothes pins and some garland to create this Christmas card display. Took a total of seven minutes. All of these cards were printed by us and are available for purchase. View more here.

2. On a shelf

Don’t have a fireplace? Find another shelf in your house — it has the same cozy appearance.

christmas card displays

Displayed by The Painted Partridge

3. On a  wire cardholder 

A partridge in a pear tree? How about Christmas cards in a pear tree?

christmas card displays

If you’re willing to spend a little more, there are plenty of wall Christmas card displays available for purchase. It will make your life much easier. Displayed by Home Decorators

4. On your staircase

christmas card displays

It can be hard to decorate the staircase. However, with some garland, it is easy to pin cards. Display tutorial at marthastewart.com

5. On some old windows

christmas card displays

Get the tutorial at The Lily Pad Cottage

6. Lattice Christmas Card Display

christmas card displays

Get the tutorial at From My Front Porch To Yours.

7. Around the doorframe

Displayed by Better Homes and Gardens

8. On the back of a door

christmas card displays

A ribbon is a great way to display Christmas cards. You can pin them, clip them, thread them through.. the list goes on. Get the tutorial on this Christmas card display at Country Living

9. Fashion your own tree

Christmas card displays

Love the Christmas tree theme but don’t want to decorate an actual tree? Then find a blank wall, some twine and a couple ornaments if you’re feeling crazy. Get the tutorial at designimprovised.com.

10. On an old ladder

christmas card displays

Displayed by Ella Claire

11. Strung on Christmas lights

christmas card displays

This display works for photos year-round, but it’s especially cute during the holidays. Get the tutorial at lights4fun.com

12. On a Christmas Tree

Last but not least…

hoss with tree  

Christmas cards make great ornaments. All of these cards were designed and printed by amp, and they are available for purchase. See the cards here.