Letter (Bunting) Banners

We obviously do a lot of banners.. vinyl, matte, mesh, stand-up. If you receive our emails or follow us on social media, you probably think that you’ve seen it all. But there’s one we have yet to discuss: letter banners! Otherwise known as bunting banners.

For those who don’t know, a letter banner is a string of garlands with single letters (or numbers) that combine to make a word or saying. “Happy Birthday” and “Cheers” are two popular types.

Happy birthday letter banner

Happy birthday letter banner

Why would you use a letter banner over a traditional banner? Well, for one, it’s more lightweight and easier to carry. But more importantly, it is easier to hang and easy to take down. A string, ribbon or similar material holds the individual pieces, which can be easily tied to a stationary object. A traditional banner is usually held by hooks screwed into the wall, hanging clips and/or heavy-duty zip ties. If it’s outside, sometimes bungee cables or super suction cups are used. More heavy-duty ties are used because the banner itself is heavier.

Obviously, screws damage the wall more than tying a string around anchored furniture. Thus, consumers tend to use letter banners for personal use and traditional banners for commercial use. Obviously, this is not always the case, as you can see below. Edley’s Bar-B-Que used a bunting banner for a Bridal Expo they attended on January 17th.

letter banner - kraft paper

Letter banner – kraft paper


Although all banners are meant to be temporary, letter banners are a little more so than other banners. This is, again, due to the fact that they are easier to hang and lighter in weight.

letter banner - vinyl

Letter banner – vinyl

Like traditional banners, bunting banners come in various materials. Edley’s used kraft paper, while Shayna used vinyl (designed to look like burlap) for her wedding.

Letter banners are fun because you can do more die cutting (cool shapes) with the garlands. You can create the letter itself:

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 3.27.22 PM


Letter banner - circle shaped

Letter banner – circle shaped


Letter banner - rectangles

Letter banner – rectangles


Letter banner - scalloped letters

Letter banner – scalloped letters


bunting shape

Letter banner – Guidon shape

Or whatever your heart desires:

Bunting banner

Bunting banner

Large-Format Printing All Over Nashville

Meat Ya Banner designed by Amanda Mazzo at Mazzo Media.

amp seems to be doing everything big this year, which includes expanding our large-format printing capabilities. Large format means just what it suggests: large posters, indoor and outdoor banners, window graphics and adhesives for walls, floors and ceilings. We now have the man and machine power to complete these larger-than-life orders for you! These past few months we have been able to provide large-format printing services to three super-cool events in the area: Cheekwood Society Dinner, Meat Ya in The Park and What the Truck.

Large-Format (And Small-Format) Printing for Cheekwood Society Dinner

We were lucky enough to attend and provide printing for the Cheekwood Society Dinner on April 29th. The dinner was dedicated to Cheekwood’s top donors: individuals who gave $1,500 or more in support of its annual operations. The event’s theme was Great Gatsby, the main colors were black and white, and the print was classically simple. Our printed materials included a booklet listing all of the donors, signage at the entrance of the mansion and picture banners hanging around the room. It was a beautiful event and a beautiful night to be outdoors! Thanks to Cheekwood for the wonderful evening and letting us help out with the print.

Large-Format Printing: Picture Banners

Large-Format Printing: Picture Banners

Large-Format Printing: Cheekwood book

Cheekwood booklets

Large-Format Printing: Informational booklets

Informational booklets

Large-Format Printing: Welcome poster

Large-Format Printing: Welcome Poster

Large-Format Printing for What the Truck

If you were not able to attend this festive event — don’t worry! It will happen every third Friday of the month this summer. Food trucks gathered at The Platform at the Cook’s Kitchen, a new event venue located on 1500 Second Ave. S near the fairgrounds. A wide variety of food trucks provided delicious food such as ice cream, veggie burgers and BBQ. The Tim McDonald Band added to the bumpin’ atmosphere by playing some good ol’ country music. Don’t like to stand and eat? Neither do we, and we were thankful for tables located inside!

You might be thinking, “what the truck did amp do for this event?” Well, we printed all the signage, which included large-format vinyl banners and corrugated yard signs. There is no entry fee, so be sure to come see the event for yourself next month. You know we will be there! Here are some pictures of the production process and the collateral in action at the venue.

Large-Format Printing: What the truck yard sign

Large-Format Printing: What The Truck Yard Signs

Large-Format Printing: What the truck banner

Large-Format Printing: What The Truck Banners

Large-Format Printing

Large-Format Printing: Signage

Large-Format Printing

Large-Format Printing: Signage At The Event

Large-Format Printing for Meat Ya in the Park

Meat Ya in the Park, a tribute to to all things grilled, smoked, cured and charbroiled, enjoyed its second annual gathering at East Park On May 17th. 12th & Broad and Nashville Originals collaborated to bring samples from 15+ restaurants, live music, a coleslaw cook-off and a kite garden to meat-lovers all over Nashville. Don’t be alarmed vegetarians — there were some scrumptious meatless options, as well! Kids enjoyed artwork and outdoor toys, and adults enjoyed the beverage tent and socializing with neighbors.

It may have been a little rainy, but that did not take away from this fun event — or our signage! amp printed a large, waterproof banner that really shows off our large-format capabilities. Its enormousness was not for those with noodle arms. The marketing girls tried to hold it up and had a bit of trouble! The 5 x 10ft banner would have been nothing without Amanda Mazzo’s design. If there’s one thing we love, it’s great artwork.

Now picture your company’s name or event on this banner.. get ready, world.

Large Format Printing: Meat ya in machine

Large-Format Printing on the HP 360 Latex Printer

Large-Format Printing: Meat ya1

The banner is completed!