Acrylic Easels


Acrylic Easel Creation

Display your next card, picture, flyer or presentation materials on our acrylic easels.  Our acrylic easels have many advantages over the typical self-stick adhesive easel constructed of less durable materials like cardboard.

We can design an easel that will be perfect for the next time you want to display something you are proud of.  Allow the professionals at Advocate Marketing and Printing to work with your needs to create the ideal customer experience.

To create the acrylic easel, we used our Colex machine to cut (route) the product and a heat vendor to shape it. When we first cut the acrylic, the easel shape lies flat. We use the heat vendor to mold it to that nice 90 degree angle.

Here’s a look at just one of many cool projects we’ve worked on to create an acrylic easel for our clients.

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