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  • 10 Holiday Card Ideas

    You’ve got to admit, everyone enjoys opening fun mail addressed to yours truly. It’s the feeling of surprise, curiosity, and thoughtfulness we value when we find a card waiting for us to open. Even in the digital age we live in, there is something special and irreplaceable about receiving a tangible card. We might forget…

  • 3 Ways You Can Use Letter Banners

    AMP is your destination for any and all of your design and printing needs. Printing needs vary from business, to celebrations, to holidays, to personal uses. There’s always a need for beautiful printing material. We know a thing or two about creating and printing beautiful materials, and that includes banners. We’ve made a lot of…

  • 5 Services We Provide That You Probably Didn’t Know About

    You probably know us as AMP, a printing company. Now we need to expand your idea of what a printing company can do. You know we offer traditional services such as banner printing, poster printing, outdoor signage, business cards, etc (for a full list of services, visit our website). Did you know we also offer…

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Fifteen years ago, Matt Simms saw a need for quick, quality printing. He had a vision: to create a company that made customer service a top priority. He had to start small. Really small. He made use of the minimal resources available: a plastic chair, his laptop, the local Kinko’s and his own two feet. Most importantly, he used his humor and friendly demeanor to make connections. Now, Advocate Marketing & Print is home to the best equipment and ten passionate employees. At amp, we make the impossible, possible.

Fulfillment through accomplishment
Measure twice, cut once
Be willing to provide surprising speed
Earn a hug from every client

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