Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass Experts

Frosted glass can take an average looking window or door and give it a classy, professional look.  The entire door or window can be frosted to provide privacy without blocking out all light.  We can design our frosted glass to include any logo or business name adding a custom individualized look to every business.

There are two main ways that frosted glass can be produced.  At AMP we prefer to print a vinyl film that can be applied to the glass of windows and doors.  The other way is to take a clear sheet of glass and either sandblast or acid etch the “frosted” look into the glass.  We can save our clients a ton of money, time, and headaches by applying our printed vinyl film.

Let us design a look for your office building that will exude professionalism to everyone who approaches your building.


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A frosted glass logo on Mcalpine architecture's building.

Mcalpine Frosted Glass