15 (Print) Things to be Thankful for

15 things to be thankful for image

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of printing capabilities, print products and other things to be thankful for. We’ve thrown in a side dish of these things we, in particular, are grateful for!

1. Ready-made holiday cards


What if you had to design your own holiday card every year?! What a nightmare. Luckily, there is a cornucopia of ready-made holiday cards out there. Visit our collection here.

2. Acrylic business cards with white ink


Gone are the days of boring business cards. Today, you can print on things such as acrylic AND include white ink thanks to machines like our VUTEk.

3. Invitations that are also jigsaw puzzles


An invitation you can also play with?! Designed by the Ingram Group.

4. Three-dimensional signs


You can literally make your signs stand out now. Read more about this project with Lendlease here.

5. Foil stamped, edge-painted business cards


Ok, so foil stamping and edge-painting has been around for a while, but it’s still cool.

6. Variable data


It can be a pain in the a** to write out 103 addresses on different envelopes. Luckily, there is now a way to print different addresses on envelopes using an excel sheet. Some print shops (like us) can also stamp and mail out your cards, too. Trust us, this saves a lot of time.

7. Cute dogs and clients who support our Print for Paws campaign


Ok, so this is something we’re thankful for. This cute guy is Meatball with Harbor Entertainment. You can still purchase a Print for Paws leash here and help pups and cats at Happy Tales Humane.

8. Stickers and pavement graphics


This printing technique is new for us thanks to our VUTEk and Colex machines. These camels are for our awesome friends at CJ Advertising.

9. Holiday Hangtags


Because, how annoying would it be to include a card with every gift? And try to stuff it in tiny boxes like this one above? Shop ready-made holiday hangtags here.

10. Soft-touch, edge-sealed laminated menus


They’re soft, and they are waterproof. Win win for customers and servers. Menus courtesy of Burger Up.

11. Instagram Christmases


You can now print your awesome Instagram pictures and put them straight on your holiday card. This card is designed by Emily Holmes. Order it and others here.

12. Fun die cuts (and Kelly)


We’ve had our letterpress for a while, but thanks to our new Colex, we can print large die cuts like the one shown above. Kelly’s thought bubble reads: “I love my job.” And yes, we’re thankful for Kelly, too, because she’s an all-star customer service rep.

13. Krispy Kreme Donuts


Because… they’re delicious?

14. Our friends who are helping Hoss get out of jail

Hoss thanksgiving

Another one for us, in particular, to be grateful for. These special friends are simultaneously helping homeless pups and cats at the Nashville Humane Association. We’re also thankful for the Tiny But Mighty Fund that put together “Nashville’s Most Wanted” campaign. Help bail Hoss out here.

15. YOU!

Not to sound cheesy, but we’re grateful for our awesome customers most of all. Thank you!

Now, where’s that turkey?!

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