Large-Format Printing All Over Nashville

Meat Ya Banner designed by Amanda Mazzo at Mazzo Media.

amp seems to be doing everything big this year, which includes expanding our large-format printing capabilities. Large format means just what it suggests: large posters, indoor and outdoor banners, window graphics and adhesives for walls, floors and ceilings. We now have the man and machine power to complete these larger-than-life orders for you! These past few months we have been able to provide large-format printing services to three super-cool events in the area: Cheekwood Society Dinner, Meat Ya in The Park and What the Truck.

Large-Format (And Small-Format) Printing for Cheekwood Society Dinner

We were lucky enough to attend and provide printing for the Cheekwood Society Dinner on April 29th. The dinner was dedicated to Cheekwood’s top donors: individuals who gave $1,500 or more in support of its annual operations. The event’s theme was Great Gatsby, the main colors were black and white, and the print was classically simple. Our printed materials included a booklet listing all of the donors, signage at the entrance of the mansion and picture banners hanging around the room. It was a beautiful event and a beautiful night to be outdoors! Thanks to Cheekwood for the wonderful evening and letting us help out with the print.

Large-Format Printing: Picture Banners

Large-Format Printing: Picture Banners

Large-Format Printing: Cheekwood book

Cheekwood booklets

Large-Format Printing: Informational booklets

Informational booklets

Large-Format Printing: Welcome poster

Large-Format Printing: Welcome Poster

Large-Format Printing for What the Truck

If you were not able to attend this festive event — don’t worry! It will happen every third Friday of the month this summer. Food trucks gathered at The Platform at the Cook’s Kitchen, a new event venue located on 1500 Second Ave. S near the fairgrounds. A wide variety of food trucks provided delicious food such as ice cream, veggie burgers and BBQ. The Tim McDonald Band added to the bumpin’ atmosphere by playing some good ol’ country music. Don’t like to stand and eat? Neither do we, and we were thankful for tables located inside!

You might be thinking, “what the truck did amp do for this event?” Well, we printed all the signage, which included large-format vinyl banners and corrugated yard signs. There is no entry fee, so be sure to come see the event for yourself next month. You know we will be there! Here are some pictures of the production process and the collateral in action at the venue.

Large-Format Printing: What the truck yard sign

Large-Format Printing: What The Truck Yard Signs

Large-Format Printing: What the truck banner

Large-Format Printing: What The Truck Banners

Large-Format Printing

Large-Format Printing: Signage

Large-Format Printing

Large-Format Printing: Signage At The Event

Large-Format Printing for Meat Ya in the Park

Meat Ya in the Park, a tribute to to all things grilled, smoked, cured and charbroiled, enjoyed its second annual gathering at East Park On May 17th. 12th & Broad and Nashville Originals collaborated to bring samples from 15+ restaurants, live music, a coleslaw cook-off and a kite garden to meat-lovers all over Nashville. Don’t be alarmed vegetarians — there were some scrumptious meatless options, as well! Kids enjoyed artwork and outdoor toys, and adults enjoyed the beverage tent and socializing with neighbors.

It may have been a little rainy, but that did not take away from this fun event — or our signage! amp printed a large, waterproof banner that really shows off our large-format capabilities. Its enormousness was not for those with noodle arms. The marketing girls tried to hold it up and had a bit of trouble! The 5 x 10ft banner would have been nothing without Amanda Mazzo’s design. If there’s one thing we love, it’s great artwork.

Now picture your company’s name or event on this banner.. get ready, world.

Large Format Printing: Meat ya in machine

Large-Format Printing on the HP 360 Latex Printer

Large-Format Printing: Meat ya1

The banner is completed!

Promotional Postcards and Stickers Galore

We love printing promotional postcards and stickers. There’s so much you can do with them, and they allow a lot of room for creativity. Below are three products that showcase some of our unique printing capabilities.

Project #1: Bongo Java Promotional Postcards

Every spring and summer, the whole Bongo Java Roasting family creates signature coffee drinks for Nashvillians to enjoy. To promote these fun, wacky drinks, Bongo Java decided to produce promotional postcards exhibiting each drink. Pioneer Creative developed the designs, and we took care of the rest. Just when we thought we couldn’t love Bongo Java more…

Promotional Postcards

Beets me how they came up with this one, but we love it!

Promotional Postcards

Orange you excited about this drink?!

Promotional Postcard

Thanks a latte for the cute dog pic!

Promotional Postcards

Sounds just peachy, Hot & Cold.

Promotional Postcards

A coffee a day keeps the doctor away.

Promotional Postcards

We’d kill for this drink year-round, Fido.

Promotional Postcards

Party in the front, business in the back.

Promotional Postcards

Final products on display at Fido’s

Project #2: American Born Moonshine

These days, we can put a sticker on anything. Although I bet you wouldn’t think this was a sticker, right? Our printing capabilities allow our “stickers” to appear as if they are painted on top of your product of choice. This result is due to a combination of factors: the right material, careful measurements, a very strong adhesive and experienced employees. If you were hoping to buy one of these babies, don’t get your hopes up — these Yeti coolers were for American Born Moonshine employees only. But you can always create your own..

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.28.21 AM

Project #3: CJ Advertising

Can you guess how we created this timeline? Yep, stickers again. Printing on corporate offices’ walls has become our new favorite pastime. It advertises a company’s history, values, services or products; it creates a great first impression for office guests; and it brightens up a dull space. Of course, we come to your place before we start printing to discuss goals and obtain exact measurements.

Timeline Wall-1

Highlights from our Kick @$$ Summer Block Party

June marked the one-year anniversary at our new location. At the same time, our new roommate, Green Apple Strategy, celebrated their first anniversary as a company. When you have that much awesomeness happening in one month, there’s only one thing to do…PARTY! In typical amp fashion, we didn’t want a stuffy, ceremonial celebration where everyone holds their pinky out when they drink. Instead, we decided to host our 1st Annual Kick @$$ Summer Block Party as a way to eat, drink and jam with so many of you who’ve made the past year(s) so amazing. Here are a few of our favorite moments: April from the Buntin Group giving us her best Bruce Springsteen impersonation. An advocate marketing and print employee posing in front of the summer block party sign. We’re all about keeping you cool… Our first 50 VIPs went home with a little swag. two advocate marketing and print employees posing with their new company T shirts. DJ Mind Dub slinging the jams. the DJ performing at the AMP summer block party In the same fearless way our Production Manager, Patsy, gets it done in the shop, her husband Stacey did an incredible job on the grill! a man wearing khaki shorts and a green polo, grilling in a parking lot. Our favorite photographer, Kerry Woo, with some inception. a man aiming a nikon camera THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this last year a huge success!

Breathe America Flight Manual

This week we’re working on an internal project for Breathe America. Rather than create a dull processes book, they decided to TURN IT UP with amp. The project began in April with design by our in-house designer, Mykie. Here are some photos of the final product! 9d02e7_88a05831a92ac23e68ece1c403d37864

Artisan Menu Book

This week’s featured project is a menu book for Corsair Artisan. The covers are printed on a cream Cordtone cover, and the guts are on natural Cougar text. The covers give the look and feel of a custom leather cover without the expensive cost.

ECI Research Guide

A project nearly six months in the making we’re so excited to complete. This book has a custom-stamped metal binder, custom die cut tabs and 58 text pages to fill your mind with the brand that is ECI. We can’t take credit for this book though; our buddies at IO Studio came up with this baby. We just made it come to life.

Red Rover Banners

Check out these banners we did for Red Rover Pet Services on display at Tomato Fest last weekend!

Financial Wellness Boards

Last week we rocked out some foam core boards for a client of our pals at Noble Sidekick. The boards were 24”×36,” and there were TWENTY FIVE of them! This one was fun for us because once you get into a groove, it’s easy to stick with it.

ApexWorks Brochure

This week’s project is a tri-fold and die cut brochure for ApexWorks. Our very own in-house designer, Mykie, designed this piece, and Logan and Patsy made it come to life.

C5DG Business Cards

One of our local faves, The Horton Group, designed this beautiful piece, and we made it come to life. We printed this business card on our HP Indigo 5500 and embossed it on our 1972 Heidelberg Windmill.

Large-Format Printing

Sometimes everything just can’t fit on that 12″x18″ sheet for our HP Indigo 5500, and for those posters/banners we turn to our large format machines. The maximum width on those machines are 44″ but they can print as long as roughly 600″ (50 feet). We have all types of stock to run on those machines; high gloss, semigloss, uncoated, vinyl, canvas and more.

LIGHT for Cheekwood

A few weeks ago, we had the chance to work with one of our partner creative agencies to pull together a print piece that would shine brighter than the typical postcard invitations you get in the mail. Taking their design, we worked to print, matte laminate and laser cut their print pieces. We had to find an exact type of paper and laminate that would hold its form but still maintain its flexibility. This is just one example of how you can take your oversized postcards to another level with a little creativity and print feature.