3 Ways You Can Use Letter Banners

3 Ways You Can Use Letter Banners
AMP is your destination for any and all of your design and printing needs. Printing needs vary from business, to celebrations, to holidays, to personal uses. There’s always a need for beautiful printing material. We know a thing or two about creating and printing beautiful materials, and that includes banners. We’ve made a lot of banners in our time…vinyl, matte, mesh, stand-up, and bunting banners. For those who don’t know, a letter banner is a string of garlands with single letters (or numbers) that combine to make a word or saying. Banners are fun and captivating, allowing people to express their brand, celebrations, holidays, fun sayings, and in a unique manner. Specifically, we’ve gathered 3 ways you can use letter banners.

For Business Purposes

Everyone has heard the saying, “It’s just business”. We challenge that; business is what you make it, and that includes your print marketing materials. Letter banners stand out in a traditional marketing world. Print your business’s name, special, or offer on a letter banner and watch your banner gain attention. Hang your letter banner over a booth, in your store/restaurant, or at an event. Something you might be asking is why would someone use a letter banner over a traditional banner? Well, for one, it’s more lightweight and easier to carry. But more importantly, it is easy to hang and easy to take down, completely eliminating the need to use screws or hooks. Letter banners gain attention, are easy to transport, and easy to take down. Check, check and check!

For Personal Celebrations

People love a good party (well, at least we do!). The thing is, decorations for a party can be mundane and monotonous. We see the same decorations/banners over and over again. Letter banners are fun because you can do more die cutting (cool shapes) with the garlands; you can create the letter itself in many fun shapes and sizes, allowing the option for differentiation and creativity with all your party decor. Hang a letter banner over your mantle or wall saying, “Happy Birthday,” “Congratulations,” “It’s a Girl,” or “Cheers.” These, of course, are just a few examples of the myriads of possible sayings one can have printed on a letter banner. Spice up your personal celebrations with customizable letter banners.

For Holiday Decorations

Holidays are some of the most beloved times of the year, and people go all out decorating their homes, stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and offices. From Halloween, to Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and more, people enjoy any excuse to decorate, come together, and spend time with their loved ones. If one thing can be overused, it is definitely traditional holiday decorations as we see them everywhere. Breathe a breath of fresh air by using letter banners for some of your holiday decorations. They stand out to add variety among your other holiday decorations and are rather inexpensive. Not only can you denote traditional sayings of particular holidays, you can also be more creative and branch out from traditional sayings. Hang letter banners on the outside of your door, over your fireplace, in your kitchen, on your wall, and the list goes on. Use letter banner decorations to put yourself and others in the holiday mood.

Letter banners are fun, noticeable, and unique. They are perfect for your business’s use, for your personal celebrations, and for your holiday decorations. Here at AMP we are passionate about design and printing and are what you call printing experts. We love helping others achieve their printing needs, and if you want to chat about letter banners or anything else print-related, let’s talk!