5 money-saving print tips

Invitation with silver, metallic paper

Money-saving print tip 1: Ask about the copier

Some print shops have a regular copier that can print your black-and-white documents at a much lower price than a digital or offset press. It’s about the same price as copying documents yourself at a Kinko’s (at least ours is), but all the handiwork is done by the production staff at the printer.

Many customers will print booklets or pamphlets’ guts on the copier, and print the cover in color on the digital press. This saves a lot of money, and the end result still looks nice.

Money-saving print tip 2: Specialty paper > foil stamping, letterpress

For special occasions, many customers want to add a special touch to their invitation, menu or postcard. Some prefer to have foil stamping or embossing, but if you’re trying to save money, you might look into specialty paper. It has the elegance of letterpress without the cost.

money-saving print tips

Invitation with silver, metallic paper

money-saving print tips

Invitation with silver, metallic paper

Money-saving print tip 3: Know your postage

Postage costs can add up quickly. Stick with a standard-size invitation (length divided by height is less than 1.3 or more than 2.5) to save money. Square letters cost more because they don’t fit through the postal machines and have to be hand-stamped. On a similar note, avoid adding additional frills, clasps, string or buttons to the envelope. Don’t include items that make the envelope surface uneven, and avoid rigid items such as wood or metal. These things will increase postage cost.

Money-saving print tip 4: Plan in advance

When you know you have an event coming up, ask some printers how long it will take to complete such a job. If you have to place a rush on your order, it will increase cost.

Money-saving print tip 5: Utilize a used die cut

If you are adamant about creating  business card or postcard in a fun shape, ask your printer about the dies in-house. Creating a new die is expensive and time-consuming. Using an old die will take that step out of the die cutting process, saving you money and time.

To see the dies we have in storage, take a look at our online inventory