Bunting Banners with Edley’s

bunting banner

On Tuesday, we discussed the difference between bunting banners (a.k.a. letter banners) and traditional banners. To recap, a bunting is a collection of flags considered as a group. They are usually used for festive decorations, and many times letters are printed on each flag to spell out a name or phrase. They take less effort to hang than traditional banners, which is why they are used for more temporary occasions, like parties.

Edley’s BBQ ordered a bunting banner for a bridal show in which they showcased samples of their food. In the more close-up photo below, you can see that Edley’s chose triangular flags, a classic shape for bunting banners.

Bunting banner

Bunting banner close-up

We used kraft paper for the flags, which is a really nice material for this project. It’s a little bit nicer than the material we used for this wedding (below), where we used vinyl.

letter banner - vinyl

letter banner – vinyl


Of course, it’s hard to determine the material in a photograph after the flags have been printed. We cut each flag by hand as it was too big for the letterpress. We ran the job on our HP Indigo.

So why would Edley’s prefer a bunting banner over a traditional banner? Well, for one, it just depends on the buyer’s preferred style. However, we think that sometimes bunting banners look a little prettier and a little fancier. It was also a one-day show; hauling a traditional banner and hanging it up would have been a lot of effort for such a short amount of display time. It appears it might also have been a little heavy for the curtains, as well. A bunting banner is less material, and thus more lightweight.

Edley’s also printed a stand-up banner, which is great for displays since it doesn’t require any hanging.

Stand-up banner

Stand-up banner

Another benefit of stand-up banners is that they are easy to roll-up and transport.

bunting banners

Edley’s display

Seeing the display in full, a traditional banner would have clashed with the stand-up banner. The letter banner complements the display without overdoing it.

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Want to create a bunting banner of your own? Email us!