bucket truck birthday Coaster

Personalized coasters are a big seller for amp right now. It’s a great branding technique and the perfect gift for birthdays, events, mother’s day (wink, wink), etc. Acrylic coasters are more popular, but we also make thick, paper-like coasters, too. The product above was made for Christy Ikner, who works for Village Real Estate. The construction image correlates perfectly with her job!

We talk about acrylic a lot, but for those who don’t know, it is a type of formed plastic. It resembles glass and looks very professional. Below are holiday coasters we created for Cinco de Mayo last year.

Cinco de Mayo acrylic coasters  
side view of an acrylic coaster

Side view

We normally create circular or square coasters, but we can make any kind of shape you desire. For Christmas, we utilized a Christmas tree and snowflake shape. You could create the shape of your logo, the shape of your pet, a coffee cup.. the options are endless.

Due to the transparent nature of acrylic, these products are usually one-sided. The exception is if you print a full picture (shown below). Normally, we print second-surface to make the image more 3-D. In other words, we print on the back side. In addition to making the image “pop,” the front surface protects the image from scratches and other damages. If you look closely, you can see the 3-D nature below.

Photo coasters   Monogrammed coasters   monogrammed coaster on a table with a tea cup and spoon

The three images above contain products created by Dear Addie, our subsidiary stationery company. They have pre-designed coasters that you can easily order through their website.

We also offer a thick, paper material, which has the advantage of being double-sided. You can see an example of the two different sides in our Print for Paws coasters. One side features the campaign logo, while the other features pictures of cute pups (our personal favorite side). Paper is nice because it is less expensive than acrylic. The flip side is it is not as durable.

Paper coasters

Print for Paws coasters

A wine bottle on a print for paws coaster   closeup shot of a print for paws coaster   fat bottom brewing and sesac coasters on a table

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