How to Format the Best Brochure for Your Business

Redd Angelo
How to Format the Best Brochure for Your Business Brochures may seem like an outdated way to convey and share information, but they actually serve a very important purpose. Brochures are like a business card for your organization. They are a condensed version of your organization’s story, their mission, goal, services and vision. Brochures can put your organization on the map by providing another medium for you to stand out from the rest. It can be overwhelming while designing your brochure. Your organization does a lot! What do you include? How should it be laid out? How do you make it original and unique? AMP has the resources and skills to make successful, memorable brochures, making us perfect to collaborate with. While you brainstorm and get together ideas for what you want to see on your brochure, keep these tips from Creative Market in mind to ensure a solid start to your design process. Know your audience. Are they prospective clients? Potential new hires? Interested citizens and activists? Be sure to identify whose hands this brochure is going to end up in. This is important because it influences what information you should provide on the brochure and how you should present it so that it resonates with the reader. Refrain from a multitude of fonts. Keeping it uniform and simple is a recipe for a clean and clear brochure. It’s fun to play around with different fonts and font sizes, but when it’s printed out and in your hand, it tends to look unprofessional and clustered. Not to mention, it takes away from your content. Be concise. This Creative Market article reminds us that “it’s a brochure, not a book.” Try to be very deliberate in what you decide to include on your brochure. Quality over quantity! You don’t want to overwhelm the reader with all there is to know about your organization. Share what needs to be shared and what will stick with the reader the most. There is no need to flex your vocabulary! Use straight-forward wording. Big words can often look out of place in a limited content brochure. They give off a “trying too hard” vibe. You want to represent a credible and direct reputation with your audience. Include a call to action. A brochure for a non-profit or any kind of interactive organization can really benefit from including a call to action. This increases the chances of the reader remembering and participating in the organization. It also builds camaraderie right off the bat with your audience, which is great —especially if that is part of the reason they are receiving the brochure in the first place! Have a design in mind? Let us help you print! Put in an order today.