The Art of Fast Turnaround Time

Running with Scissors
We all know that sinking feeling when you realize you forgot a deadline. Your entire stomach feels like it’s in your throat, and you don’t know what to do to fix the problem. At amp, we specialize in printing last-minute products. There is an art to this “fast turnaround” idea. We need some super specific information from you to save precious time: type of paper, quantity, size, color, double- or single-side, binding, folding and finishing. The same goes with design: the more specific you can be about the type of design you would like, the better. We prefer terrible hand-drawn pictures. Lastly, and this may seem obvious, check and double-check your file. Voila! We’re ready to print. Shoot us the FedEx account number, the shipping address and the preferred delivery time, and we’ll even ship it for you.