Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Business Cards

business card on a desk
Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Business Cards First impressions are critical in today’s business world. We all know the dance: beginning with a friendly smile and a polite, confident introduction with a firm handshake. To seal the deal, a business card is usually exchanged, briefly looked at, and put away. Business cards can act as an extension or reminder of the initial impression. This is why it is so important to have a card that is an accurate and intriguing representation of yourself or your business. In the American Marketing Association’s article, ‘10 Business Card Mistakes You Might be Making’, there are a few stand out points that we take into consideration while helping you make your business card. Here are some sneaky, and common, mistakes the AMA highlights. Leave the back blank If you deal with any kind of customer service or sales in your job, you might want to consider leaving the back of your business card blank. This gives you and the client or customer the opportunity to take down notes right on your contact information during your meeting. Avoid too much varnish With this said, it is important to refrain from putting any kind of varnish on your card. Although the glossy look is visually appealing, it is inconvenient and can be impractical since it is really difficult to write on. Keep it consistent Another common mistake you want to avoid is inconsistency. Your business card should have the same design scheme as your website. Of course, you can be creative! But overall, the look should be cohesive and in line with the rest of your brand. AMP can help you strike a nice balance between creating something original that also fits with the rest of the brand you have created. First impressions set the tone for your future success. At AMP, we want your business card to solidify a great first impression and lead you to fruitful career opportunities! See how we can help!  
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