Wall Clings and Stand-up Posters with EO

big wall cling

This week, over 750 entrepreneurs of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) from the eastern United States headed to Nashville for a three-day EO NERVE Conference, held at the Omni Nashville Hotel. Hosted by EO’s Nashville chapter, this annual regional event had double the attendance of all previous years’ festivities.

The Nashville EO members who organized this massive conference incorporated the Music City twist, giving audience members live music and — well, fantastic printing, if we do say so ourselves.

To increase hype for the event and improve aesthetic, EO printed wall clings and stand-up posters with the event design and name.

big wall clings

EO wall cling

Stand-up (wide-format) poster

Stand-up (wide-format) poster

Wall Clings v. Wall Decals

Since we always want to help our customers become more knowledgeable about print, we thought this blog post would be a good time to discuss the difference between wall clings and wall decals, as well as the pros and cons of each.

Wall clings, or static clings, as shown above, do not have have any adhesive; they attach to surfaces by static. It is more temporary, which makes it perfect for events. Wall clings are super easy to remove.

Wall decals, on the other hand, do have adhesive. Made from ultra-thin vinyl, wall decals are digitally printed in full color with photo-realistic results. It looks very similar to a painting, but has more benefits. Wall decals can be applied to almost any surface: wood, metal, plastic, glass and painted surfaces. They are easy to apply and there is nothing to clean up afterward. You don’t need to worry about messy paint spills, drop cloths or cleaning brushes when you’re done. Decals and clings can aren’t limited to walls ― they can be applied to windows and doors.

Wall decal

Wall decal

Wall decal ― frosted glass

Window decal ― frosted glass

Wall decal

Wall decal

Decals are best suited for long-term décor, as the vinyl is adhesive. It can be removed, but not as easily as a wall cling.