Lexan Business Cards

acrylic business card

It’s about time we wrote about our popular, new lexan business cards. We receive more compliments on these business cards than most of our other print collateral (which is hard to do, seeing how we print such awesome things). If you’ve never heard the term before, lexan is a type of plastic. It’s desirable because of its durability, versatility and professional appearance. There are also no-glare versions, which can be nice for outdoor signage or ornaments.

We talk about its sister substrate, acrylic, a lot, especially in terms of signage. We’ve created storefront signs, trade show signs, wall art, inner-office signs, wedding signage, coasters, ornaments and easels out of the material. Now, we are going to talk about business cards.

Every lexan business card we’ve printed has included white ink. Our new VUTEk machine can print white ink, a rare printing capability, and lexan is an especially good substrate to show off the unique service. There are various trims to choose from, just like paper business cards. Dear Addie chose half square, half rounded.

Dear Addie lexan business cards

Dear Addie lexan business cards

SOAR Adventure and Parks Realty both chose a round trim, which looks classy and removes potential sharp edges.

Plastic business cards

SOAR lexan business cards

Business cards with white ink

Parks Realty lexan business cards

To print your own, hit us up! PS: If you can’t remember the term, just ask us about our “plastic” business cards. We know what you mean.