10 Holiday Card Ideas

You’ve got to admit, everyone enjoys opening fun mail addressed to yours truly. It’s the feeling of surprise, curiosity, and thoughtfulness we value when we find a card waiting for us to open. Even in the digital age we live in, there is something special and irreplaceable about receiving a tangible card. We might forget if someone sends us a text or email, but we are unlikely to forget if someone takes the time to send a personalized card. The holiday seasons serve as great opportunities to generate our feelings towards others by sending out holiday cards of our own. Here’s a list of ten ideas to start the holiday card discussion. Business Cards Sending a holiday business card not only generates goodwill and furthers your relationships with clients or investors, it also builds your business through branding. Basically, it’s a win-win to send holiday business cards as they are received with genuine thankfulness for the partnership and relationship built. You make the recipients feel special during this holiday time! Photo Cards A picture is worth a thousand words, so generate holiday spirit by sending high-quality photo cards to those you care about. Our social media-driven world values quality pictures, as they capture memorable moments. Printing out those cherished moments and adding a few words of holiday lingo leaves a lasting impression to those who receive your card. Whether you are a couple, have a family, or are a group of lively friends, spread cheer by sending holiday photo cards to those you know. Thank You Cards By sending holiday thank you cards, in a sense, you nail two birds with one stone. You are sending a polite and necessary thank you for a present, service, gesture, or meeting, with seasons wishes via thank you card. It is the epitome of specialized thanks. Family Cards One of the most common holiday cards to receive are cards featuring someone’s family. It is a classic holiday card that cannot be overlooked or beaten. People cherish sending out pictures of their family and recipients love seeing how families mature year after year. If you can’t beat a classic tradition, join it. Pet Cards We all love to show pictures of our pets. They are the talk of our family reunions, our offices, and our friends. Why not send a holiday card featuring your beloved pet everyone already knows all about? Thinking of You Cards Cards are sweet outlets to express sentiments such as, “thinking of you”. This simple gesture can brighten someone’s day, week, or month. A holiday-themed “thinking of you” card can add extra sentiment to an already tender gesture. Foil Stamped Holiday Cards Jazz up your cards by adding unique accents to their design. By adding foil stamped details to your holiday cards, it creates a polished look for any occasion. It catches people’s eyes as well as differentiates your holiday card from the rest. Veteran Holiday Cards Taking the time to send a card in the mail already shows the sender’s intention, appreciation, and thoughtfulness. All veterans deserve appreciation and respect. Send out holiday cards to any veteran you know to not only show your respect for their service, but also as a kind gesture offering holiday wishes.   Cards for Charities Charities exist to meet the needs of others; they serve those in their community who may not be able to serve themselves. Take advantage of the holiday seasons to show your support for different charity missions by sending out holiday cards. This simple gesture will brighten the lives of those who volunteer. Seasons Greetings Cards Along with holiday family cards, season greetings card are traditional to the holidays. Send a simple but classic seasons greetings to get others in the holiday spirit. We love the holidays and hope this collection of holiday card ideas sparked creative juices within you! At AMP, we have the ability to create any of these holiday cards just give us a ring and we’d love to help you make your holiday card dreams a reality.