5 Design Tips for Your Wide Print Format Sign

Are you in the market for a wide print format sign? If so, are you planning on designing it or are you hiring someone to design it for you? Before you begin the process, there are a few tips we have and suggest thinking of before sending it off to print. Font It’s important to keep font size in mind on wide print format signs. Even if you think your font is large enough to read, you have to think about where your sign will be placed. Is it a billboard? Is it going to be hung outside of a building? Remember that even though it looks like it will be large enough to read, make sure it’s visible to those who will be seeing it, too. It’s also important to remember the font you choose. Make sure it is clean and easy to read in any size. Simplicity Less is more on wide print format signs. Say you’re promoting or raising awareness around a product. All you might need on the sign is an image of the product and its name. If not, think about the message you want to get across. Make sure that your message is as simple and clear as possible, as again, less is more with these signs. Resolution When designing your wide print format sign, make sure you keep the resolution in mind. Be sure that the resolution will work for a large format sign, not just for web or a small design. It’s also important to keep in mind what medium you are going to be printing your banner on. Is it going to be on a vinyl banner or on a metal sign? Make sure that when designing the artwork that it will look okay on the format you choose to print on. Location Is your banner going to be seen from a highway? If so, maybe you don’t want to use the color green as it might look funny near trees. Is it going to be on a building? Either way, it’s important to make sure that wherever your banner lives that it looks good in its environment. Viewership When designing your banner, keep in mind who will be seeing it. Make sure that you create verbiage that will resonate with your audience. If you’re simply promoting a product, always make sure you use your verbiage wisely and in a way that’s most effective to get your point across to your audience. If you need some assistance designing your wide print format sign, let us know!

Why You Need a Large Format Banner for Your New Construction Build

A large format banner serves the purpose of branding your new construction build. It increases your network of both potential and current clients because let’s face it: image is everything. When you have your construction company’s logo hung up on your construction site or displayed on your finished project, people notice. This spreads awareness and credibility throughout your community. Large format banners make a construction site more appealing. Without any type of marketing efforts to make your construction site visually attractive, people will not think twice about what they see when passing your site. This can result in potential lost business opportunities for your construction company. Without branding a construction site, there is nothing distinctive to grab people’s attention. Because of the size of large format banner’s, your company’s logo is highly visible. The public will have no doubt about which construction company is building the site, and a large format banner will serve to reinforce your company in the minds of consumers. Again, making your company as noticeable as possible is key; others notice your company and your work. Hopefully, with others knowing the name of your construction company and the quality of your work, this will generate new business. A site under construction has several restricted areas or areas which require more caution for those working or visiting.  A large format banner can benefit your construction site by enhancing safety awareness. Displaying a large banner advising caution to a restricted area can decrease liability by raising awareness of possible hazards. When warnings are highly visible, workers and visitors are more likely to see the caution signs and follow their instructions. This ushers in peace of mind for managers and owners of a construction company. AMP specializes in business print and design, so we’ve got you covered. Whether your business already has a design in mind for a large format banner for your new construction build, or if you need a designer to create a banner, we have your back. We work with an array of clients and our portfolio includes print and design work from businesses ranging from the food industry to coffee shops, to boutiques, to parking companies, and so on. Our capabilities include fulfilling needs of many different customers, and we are more than qualified (and excited) to meet your construction company’s need for a new large print format banner for a new build.  

Why Wide Print Format Signs are Great for Your Brand

Marketing messages saturate our world. Think about it; from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, you constantly see and process ads. Whether it be on social media, driving down the road, checking your email, or browsing the Internet, there are countless marketing messages aimed at holding your attention and catching your eye. In fact, we do not even remember all of the ads we encounter during a single day because we become numb to marketing messages. Basically, marketing efforts are losing their potency in a crowded market and companies find themselves needing to place extra importance on differentiating themselves among competitors. This means it is time for businesses that want to succeed to step up their marketing game on many fronts, but especially in branding. At AMP, we specialize in all things branding. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your business’ marketing and printing needs, and we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. We want to tell you about the high success of companies who choose to use wide print format signs. A way for you to differentiate your brand among competition is to have strong, quality graphics and signs that adequately portray your brand. A way to do so is to use wide print formatting signs. In case there is confusion over what wide print formatting is, it refers to printers with capabilities to produce high quality, large, images – ones you can hang on the side of a large building. You can print acrylics, posters, and really whatever else you can think of with wide format printers (here is a list of common wide print formatting capabilities). But what is the value of using large print formatting signs? Wide print formatting allows your business to make an extraordinary marketing splash  Wide print format signs are massive. Because of their size, they make a mark in the minds of consumers; when you add quality and creativity to an already distinct and noticeable sign, customers will remember. Customers are more likely to turn a profit for a company if they actually remember and use a company’s services. Wide print formatting shows professionalism Not only do wide print format signs look amazing, but also they bring credibility to your brand. Consumers remember quality; however, as much as consumers remember the quality of branding and marketing materials companies’ produce, they also remember poor quality (which affects how they view your company – yikes!). This holds true of printing and design materials. Regular printers cannot handle every business’ printing needs, and if businesses desire to produce high-quality, large images, wide print formatting is the way to go because the quality is guaranteed. And ultimately, quality reflects the professionality of a business’s brand. Maybe the next thing you need to enhance your business is a wide print format sign to make a memorable impact in your marketing efforts. AMP offers printing services in Nashville, TN and our goal is to make all of your business’s printing and branding dreams a reality. Dream with us and send the go-ahead on ordering a wide print format sign for your business. It might just be the extra “umph” your company needs to stand out among a saturated market.    

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Large Format Banner

A large format banner is an important marketing piece for many businesses. The AMP design team has come up with a few reasons as to why a business would need this type of banner. As a company that works on business print and design needs, we see several large format banners come through our pipeline. Several of our customers have found that these are beneficial to their business and marketing strategy as well. Draw Attention It’s no secret that a large format banner would draw someone’s attention as they are larger than your usual banner. Whether you’re using your banner at a conference, trade show, farmer’s market, music festival, or at your retail store, there is going to likely be a need for one of these. No one will be able to miss you or your brand at events with a banner like this one.  We are sure you’ve seen large print banners hanging from a tall building. It draws your attention to it, right? Brand Awareness In addition to drawing someone’s attention, a large format banner can also help promote brand awareness. If people see your banner while out and about wherever they are (especially if you have a large banner in front of them), they will be less likely to forget you. The more you can get your brand in front of an audience, the more likely they will be to recognize and remember you. Promotion Purposes Say you’re running a promotion or want to feature a new product your business is launching. Maybe you’re having a sale, or maybe you just want to promote your brand – large format banners are a great solution. These signs can help bring in new business and bring current customers in. There is a lot of value in using large format banners for your business. If you’ve never thought to use one for your business, perhaps now is the time. Contact us today to discuss your branding needs.        

Large-Format Printing All Over Nashville

Meat Ya Banner designed by Amanda Mazzo at Mazzo Media.

amp seems to be doing everything big this year, which includes expanding our large-format printing capabilities. Large format means just what it suggests: large posters, indoor and outdoor banners, window graphics and adhesives for walls, floors and ceilings. We now have the man and machine power to complete these larger-than-life orders for you! These past few months we have been able to provide large-format printing services to three super-cool events in the area: Cheekwood Society Dinner, Meat Ya in The Park and What the Truck.

Large-Format (And Small-Format) Printing for Cheekwood Society Dinner

We were lucky enough to attend and provide printing for the Cheekwood Society Dinner on April 29th. The dinner was dedicated to Cheekwood’s top donors: individuals who gave $1,500 or more in support of its annual operations. The event’s theme was Great Gatsby, the main colors were black and white, and the print was classically simple. Our printed materials included a booklet listing all of the donors, signage at the entrance of the mansion and picture banners hanging around the room. It was a beautiful event and a beautiful night to be outdoors! Thanks to Cheekwood for the wonderful evening and letting us help out with the print.

Large-Format Printing: Picture Banners

Large-Format Printing: Picture Banners

Large-Format Printing: Cheekwood book

Cheekwood booklets

Large-Format Printing: Informational booklets

Informational booklets

Large-Format Printing: Welcome poster

Large-Format Printing: Welcome Poster

Large-Format Printing for What the Truck

If you were not able to attend this festive event — don’t worry! It will happen every third Friday of the month this summer. Food trucks gathered at The Platform at the Cook’s Kitchen, a new event venue located on 1500 Second Ave. S near the fairgrounds. A wide variety of food trucks provided delicious food such as ice cream, veggie burgers and BBQ. The Tim McDonald Band added to the bumpin’ atmosphere by playing some good ol’ country music. Don’t like to stand and eat? Neither do we, and we were thankful for tables located inside!

You might be thinking, “what the truck did amp do for this event?” Well, we printed all the signage, which included large-format vinyl banners and corrugated yard signs. There is no entry fee, so be sure to come see the event for yourself next month. You know we will be there! Here are some pictures of the production process and the collateral in action at the venue.

Large-Format Printing: What the truck yard sign

Large-Format Printing: What The Truck Yard Signs

Large-Format Printing: What the truck banner

Large-Format Printing: What The Truck Banners

Large-Format Printing

Large-Format Printing: Signage

Large-Format Printing

Large-Format Printing: Signage At The Event

Large-Format Printing for Meat Ya in the Park

Meat Ya in the Park, a tribute to to all things grilled, smoked, cured and charbroiled, enjoyed its second annual gathering at East Park On May 17th. 12th & Broad and Nashville Originals collaborated to bring samples from 15+ restaurants, live music, a coleslaw cook-off and a kite garden to meat-lovers all over Nashville. Don’t be alarmed vegetarians — there were some scrumptious meatless options, as well! Kids enjoyed artwork and outdoor toys, and adults enjoyed the beverage tent and socializing with neighbors.

It may have been a little rainy, but that did not take away from this fun event — or our signage! amp printed a large, waterproof banner that really shows off our large-format capabilities. Its enormousness was not for those with noodle arms. The marketing girls tried to hold it up and had a bit of trouble! The 5 x 10ft banner would have been nothing without Amanda Mazzo’s design. If there’s one thing we love, it’s great artwork.

Now picture your company’s name or event on this banner.. get ready, world.

Large Format Printing: Meat ya in machine

Large-Format Printing on the HP 360 Latex Printer

Large-Format Printing: Meat ya1

The banner is completed!

Spring has sprung at amp

“Spring awakens what autumn puts to sleep.”  My parents have this saying as a crochet on their wall – blue thread, I think.

Looking back at the autumn and the changes we have made since then, we have certainly not been sleeping. Our production capabilities have taken a leap forward, and we are now able to offer you many cool new services. For our fellow printing nerds, our new toys include: the Colex Sharp Cut Digital Flatbed, an HP Wide Format Printer, a 60-inch laminator, a Graphtec Plotter and last but not least – a GATOR. In English, this means we will be able to produce larger, better quality print jobs and cleaner edges for any shape. We can now put your branding on anything from a Yeti cooler to a barstool, and don’t get us started on what we can put on your walls. Check out our pictures for other innovative branding ideas.

While the machines do the work, our people do the heavy lifting. If you have worked with us, you know we cheer to “Big Smiles” after almost every huddle, and we mean it. Our new toys and the responsibility they demand have given us opportunity to welcome some new smiling faces around here.  To keep the conversation going with you, we have added a team to educate you on our capabilities. Katherine Upton and Emily Whitson are our new marketing coordinators – or marketing monkeys, as we like to call them! Watch out as our social media heats up, and be sure to join in on the conversation.

New technology is only good if you have someone that cares running these machines. We are pleased to announce that we have found that devoted person, and your projects will look amazing when Brook Ellie is behind the controls. It is hard to find him without his trusty loop and a few specialty tools hanging off his belt. Stop by and say hello when you can. Let him show you the new technology that will allow us to provide you everything print…finally!

You are about to see our small business change, and let it be known that we are not everyone’s best option in print. We only do great work for a handful of partner companies that know good service and quality when they see it. Would we be a good fit for your company? Let’s find out. Hit us up at simms@advocateprinting.net for a tour and storytelling session with our team soon. Spring has sprung; it looks like amp did as well!

(left to right) Katherine Upton and Emily Whitson, our two new marketing coordinators, showcase our new cutting capabilities on our Colex.

(left to right) Katherine Upton and Emily Whitson, our two new marketing coordinators, showcase our new cutting capabilities on our Colex.

Yes, these are custom-branded chairs. The logo is printed on an adhesive, which is then plastered to the chair.

Yes, these are custom-branded chairs. The logo is printed on an adhesive, which is then plastered to the chair.

The colex can print hundreds of stickers at once.

The Colex can print hundreds of stickers at once.

(right to left) Emily and Katherine show off our new custom-branded Gator

(left to right) Emily and Katherine show off our new custom-branded Gator

Brook Ellie doing what he does best: working the Colex

Brook Ellie doing what he does best: working the Colex

Yep, we can print on coolers now.

Yep, we can print on coolers now.